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37th Street Bakery is one of the largest industrial bakers in the United States. We deliver delicious products from laminated dough to a wide variety of finished foods. We’re strategically located in the center of the country with our main bakery in Chicago. 37th Street Bakery produces over 150 varieties of fully-baked croissants, danish and cinnamon rolls, feeding millions of people each week across the US and in Canada. All our finished foods are designed for the thaw and sell programs of our customer-partners in food service, retail, casual dining, health, education, and quick serve restaurants.
Started as a small regional bakery in the 1980’s, 37th Street Bakery has grown exponentially. Our unique ability to produce high quality, signature products at scale has helped us grow market share and add a long list of marquis customers. We expanded our Chicago bakery in 2016 and now operate with three high speed, high production volume croissant manufacturing lines, and one high speed, high production sweet / savory goods manufacturing line. We operate a nut free facility and ship product throughout the United States.


Our team is focused on food quality, consistency, and the highest level of customer care. And we never stop moving forward. Years of baking experience and a constant drive for innovation, allow us to move new products from concept to commercialization in the shortest time possible. We have a strong desire to grow and we don’t put guardrails around any possibility. 

So what can we offer you? There are no boundaries here. New brand strategies, new products, new categories, enhanced food service programs, delivery options…we’ve got it all covered. 

Contact us today. We’re ready for our next challenge.