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This requires developing a framework for corporate social responsibility and sustainability, including specific goals and initiatives to accomplish our vision.


We develop trust with our people and our customers by being honest and respectful in everything we do, and holding ourselves and each other accountable in supporting the company values.


We empower our team(s) to take ownership in their work while being part of a strong team and collaborating for success.

Customer Focus

We build customer and consumer confidence by proactively identifying their specific needs and providing them with enterprise-based solutions. Always taking our environment and community into the solution process.


We’re dedicated to the sustainable health of our people knowing they’re our greatest asset. Providing a working environment to assure happiness within their employment with the company.


Partnering with our strategic suppliers to address supply risks and sustainability issues. Creating strategies around the use of sustainable palm oil. Highest standards of food safety and quality through GFSI certifications and internal assessments for continuous improvement . “Simpler ingredients,” focus on GMO reduction, elimination of artificial flavors, colors, and PHO’s.


Change corporate policies to benefit the environment. Reduce carbon footprints to mitigate climate change.


We generate new ideas by challenging the status quo, taking calculated risks and solving problems in innovative ways.


We are an organization that cares about our people, our food and our community. We create and support a safe work environment that allows individuals to develop and give back to our communities. We strive to improve labor policies and embrace fair trade. Engaging in charitable giving and volunteer efforts within our community.

Our values reflect how 37th Street Bakery operates as an organization, and help us to make Socially and Environmentally conscious decisions.

Our Sustainable Future