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Your customers will love our deliciously sweet 37th Street Danish. From classic Cheese to sweet Blueberry we offer a complete line of the most popular flavors along with on-trend seasonal and specialty flavors like American Celebration for summer and Pumpkin for fall.

Fresh apples, juicy red strawberries, sweet Fondant icing and a bakery full of premium ingredients…37th Street Danish are becoming America’s favorite strip danish!

Apple Pie Danish

Tasty bits of apple dusted with cinnamon sugar nestled in our perfectly sweet danish pastry dough. Delicious!

Cheese Danish

A classic cheese danish that’s sure to please! Rich danish dough topped with a Neufchatel cheese blend and a light drizzle of sweet icing.

Cherry Pie Danish

The taste of tart Michigan Cherries surrounded by a delicious sweet danish dough then topped with a light white drizzle icing. It’s just like biting into fresh-made cherry pie!

Cherry Cheese Danish

A wonderful combination of tart Michigan cherries and rich Neufchatel cheese surrounded by delicious sweet danish dough, with a drizzle of white icing. A cherry lovers delight!!

Raspberry Danish

Popping with flavor…our danish pastry dough ribboned with intense raspberry jam then topped with sweet drizzle icing. It’s Raspberry delicious!

Strawberry Cheese Danish

Sun-sweetened strawberries with rich creamy cheese on mildly sweet danish dough and a white icing drizzle. You won’t be disappointed!